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Join as a friend, make a donation or come visit us!

Abalimi is a non-profit organisation with the vision of providing support in growing urban food gardens in disadvantaged communities. Help us with our vision by doing the following:

1.   Join as a friend of Abalimi
2.  Donate or bequeath to Abalimi
3.  Visit us

1. Join as a friend of Abalimi

Support us by telling others what we do. We will send you a newsletter and you are welcome to join us on a tour.

Your might also be interested in supporting us by buying our cookbook, which was done with our farmers and shows local seasonal vegetables being used.  Seed to Table is available at R200 a book from our office, or just make a payment and send us your details so that we can post the book to you.

Banking details are below, but please indicate your name and S2T in the bank reference followed up by an email with your details so that we can post it to you.

2. Donate or bequeath to Abalimi

Abalimi Bezekhaya is an approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO #930052374 since February 2017) so all donations and bequests in South Africa are fully tax deductible in terms of Section 30 and in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

If you are making a donation and would like a tax certificate for reduction of your annual income tax and your are based in South Africa, you are requested to please download the form and email it to us with your details.

You can either donate directly to Abalimi or via the Farm and Garden National Trust ( Donations to Abalimi and the Farm and Garden Trust are both tax deductible.

Local donations can be made via EFT into our Standard Bank account:

Account Number: 070912637
Standard Bank, Thibault Square, Cape Town
Cape Town Branch Code: 020909
Account Type: Cheque/ Current

International donations can be made via cheque into our FNB Account:

Account Number: 50050041661
First National Bank, Adderley Street, Cape Town
Cape Town Branch Code: 201409
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ461
Account Type:  Business / Current

Donations can also be made via our PayFast Account, with more information about our cause page and payment details here.

Any donations into our account will gladly be accepted, however if we don’t receive the donation form or your relevant details, then we can’t provide you with a tax certificate or include you into our donors list.

Note that as a small NGO we have also figured out that an EFT works best.  Cash or cheques, or alternative payment methods (PayFast or SnapScan) might be more convenient for the payee, but leaves us with a bit of a nightmare trying to do the recon or paying additional costs just to get the money.  We do however appreciate all the donations (-;

USA and UK tax deductible donations: Abalimi is one of the specially selected projects under Global Giving, under the heading “Urban Farming and Gardening”, which qualifies to be promoted on their system. Global Giving is the leading international channel for web-based funding and networking.

For USA go to :

For UK go to:

In case the links to Global Giving doesn’t work, please go to where you can search for Abalimi (project #714 in USA and #56 in UK) under the urban farming and gardening and climate change link.

3. Visit us

We enjoy taking people around so that they can see first hand what is happening in the field.  Please contact us if you would like to do a tour.