Abalimi has developed various resources that can be used by other organisations or by the community to promote food security and urban agriculture.  Below are a few and you are welcome to contact us if you need any additional information.

Farmer Development Chain:

Our  Farmer Development Chain (FDC) with its associated Sustainability Index (SI) Assessment Tool-set, has been developed and field-tested  with, by and for micro-family farmers over many years.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons license.  Application of the FDC and SI results in 100% success among micro family farmers, provided the following four pillars of development are securely in place:

  • Permanent agri-inputs supply centres within easy reach that have everything the small farmers need at a price they can afford.
  • Permanent, responsive training, advisory and scientific services at low or zero cost.
  • Guaranteed local short-food-chain market/s, which the farmers should have a direct involvement in, with fair prices.
  • Easy access to grant capital for start-ups and development of existing projects right up to late livelihood level.  Micro-loans can begin at livelihood level. Then,  easy minimum red tape,  or better zero red tape access to zero-interest/low interest capital loans for those who want to advance to commercial.

The FDC and SI is adaptable to  every farming type, condition and situation, anywhere in Africa.  The version given here has been developed in an Urban and Peri-Urban context.

Contact us for a copy of the Farmer Development Tools, which includes the Farmer Development Chain and Sustainability Index.

Replication Guides:

Because we have been doing what we doing for quite some time (since 1982), we have developed replication guides to help other organisations.  While this is not the answer to all your questions, we hope that it will provide you with some insight and ideas.

Contact us for a copy of the Abalimi Bezekhaya or Harvest of Hope Replication Guides.


Training Resources:

HOW TO START A GARDEN WITH ONLY A FEW CENTS is a distillation of years of experience in the field.  It gives practical tips for household and community gardens.  The book is also an adult literacy textbook and you can now learn English, Xhosa and Afrikaans by digging your own backyard garden!

It was published by JUTA, but you can buy your copy direct from Abalimi garden centre’s or  us send an e-mail with your request.  It is currently only available in isiXhosa and Afrikaans, but we hope to reprint English copies.

Mayford Seed Company, Old Mutual and the Botanical Society of South Africa made it possible to keep costs down and supplied Abalimi with 1 000 copies for use in the field. By buying this book you will also be supporting our work in the Cape Flats townships.

GREENING SOLUTIONS – a guidebook for schools and gardens – Cape Flats edition.

This work manual has been produced by Abalimi, with the support of Old Mutual, The Green Trust/WWF and The Botanical Society of South Africa. It is filled with practical ideas drawn from years of experience on grounds planning, water-wise indigenous landscaping, lawn establishment, fertilisation, plant varieties, recycling, supplier contacts and more. It is not yet available to the general public, but is on trial at selected schools and organisations on the Cape Flats.