Garden Centres

Abalimi has community garden centres in both Khayelitsha and Nyanga.

These centres are based in the community and run by fieldworkers from the community, thus making them accessible and affordable to our target ‘grassroots’ communities.  They are the only garden resource centres in these communities and they serve the following three functions:

1) Provides accessible urban agricultural resources:

Vegetable seeds, seedlings, manure, tools and organic pest control remedies  are sold to individual gardeners, groups and organisations at subsidised low cost. Abalimi supplies up to 10 000 individual subsistence micro-farmers, per annum.

2) Demonstration gardens and advice centres:

The garden centres showcase vegetable plots, container planting  and compost heaps. Community members can get advise on urban agriculture.

3) Training Workshops:

Abalimi runs various training courses, including a three-day urban organic food garden training workshop. These consist of theory and practical in all aspects of organic food garden practices. This is the first step to all people that approach Abalimi for training from home, community  and market  gardeners. Up to 300 people attend these workshops annually.

Abalimi is committed to developing a network of  community owned garden centre depots throughout the informal settlements of the Cape Flats.

Map to the Abalimi Garden Centres:

Nyanga Garden Centre, 1350 Sithandatu Ave, Nyanga
Khayelithsa Garden Centre, E505, Scott Street, Khayelitsha