Call to Action – Hope of the Nation

Join as a friend, donate, visit or volunteer!

Abalimi is a non-profit organisation with the vision of providing support in growing urban food gardens in disadvantaged communities. Help us with our vision by doing the following:

1.   Join as a friend of Abalimi – spread the word
2.  Donate or bequeath to Abalimi
3.  Visit us or volunteer 

1. Join as a friend of Abalimi

Support us by telling others what we do. We will send you a newsletter and you are welcome to join us on a tour.

Your might also be interested in supporting us by buying our cookbook, which was done with our farmers and shows local seasonal vegetables being used.  Seed to Table is available at R200 a book from our office, or just make a payment and send us your details so that we can post the book to you.

Banking details are below, but please indicate your name and S2T in the bank reference followed up by an email with your details so that we can post it to you.

2. Donate or bequeath to Abalimi

Abalimi Bezekhaya is an approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO #930052374 since February 2017) so all donations and bequests in South Africa are fully tax deductible in terms of Section 30 and in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

If you are making a donation and would like a tax certificate for reduction of your annual income tax and your are based in South Africa, please email us on with your contact details so that we can follow up.

You can either donate directly to Abalimi or via the Farm and Garden National Trust Donations to Abalimi and the Farm and Garden Trust are both tax deductible.

Ma Bokolo at the Nyanga Garden Centre

3. Visit or volunteer

We enjoy taking people around so that they can see first hand what is happening in the field.  Please contact us on 021 371 1653 or if you would like to visit or volunteer.