Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope was established as a community-supported agriculture (CSA) system  that connects the Abalimi farmers and potential consumers.  The aim was to create a social business that should support the sustainability of the community gardens in the Cape Flats area into the future.

The concept was to sell vegetables in a very direct, friendly and personal way so that farmers would benefit from a secure and fair income while customers would benefit from reasonably priced and locally produced fresh organic vegetables. Customers would also have the knowledge that their money is giving people jobs and conserving the environment through local organic farming among the poor.

Collection points were set up around the Cape Town peninsula to allow people easy access to these fresh organically grown vegetables.  Wholesale vegetables are also provided to restaurants.


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Harvest of Hope was launched at the beginning of 2008 with the kind assistance of the South African Institute of Entrepreneurship (SAIE), The Business Place Philippi and the Ackerman Pick n’ Pay Foundation.