About us

Abalimi Bezekhaya promotes small scale urban farming.  We are a development organization and partner with active members of the community to aid their efforts in greening, growing and bettering their communities.

Our garden centers are based in Nyanga and Khayelitsha to serve the local communities through providing basic resources, training and general support around growing vegetables organically.

We provide training, resources and ongoing support to enable the urban poor to obtain employment or become self-employed as gardeners, gardening assistants and urban micro-farmers.  By developing community and home gardens, it helps to create and maintain green spaces within the Cape Flats environment.

Harvest of Hope was established in 2008 to create market access and in 2019 we decided it had managed to achieve this, so we focussed on our core focus to provide training. We do however still support market access for township farmers and believe that they can add value to the fresh produce supply, both in the township and further afield.