Reflecting on 40 years

During 2022 we took time to celebrate 40 years of township farming and it was an amazing, busy, productive, informative and festive year.  Herewith some of the highlights.

In Spring we hosted “Open Gardens” and many visitors came to meet the farmers and see the gardens.  Home and community gardens were invited to join the showcase, bearing in mind that every garden is a miracle in our extreme conditions!!  

Photo: Jeromine Derigny, Raporterre

We are so proud of our farmers! They already feed tens of thousands all year round and could feed many more!  Organically and sustainably, despite the harsh environmental conditions. 

TAKE ACTION: Come visit.  Pass on the message.  Sponsor an award.  Just R100 supports one home garden all year round!

Many ask: “how can so much be done with so little?”  Our answer: “by intervening at exact pressure points to spark a chain re-action and multiplier effect”   Nobody needs to be hungry or poor if they can garden!

Contact us for more information about visiting the open gardens, via or via WA on +27 64 7318 235 or on +27 21 371 1653.

Wild Foods Cook-up with Chefs and Farmers   

The concept: Eight chefs teamed up with eight farmers from various community food gardens to cook up a plant based and wild food meal.  The invited guests could either cook along, capture the activities or simply sit down to enjoy the meal.  

Immediate purpose: Linked chefs with farmers for a cook-up to draw attention to township based micro-farmers cultivating organically produced conventional & local indigenous crops and wild edible weeds around Cape Town. To showcase to growers the creative ideas that chefs come up with using lesser known produce or “weeds” and the value these have.

Longer term goal: To promote better links between customers and Abalimi farmers via the Philippi Agrihub to regain pre-COVID levels of production and sales.  Opportunity to connect with key stakeholders who can support Abalimi and partner with PEDI Agrihub.

Thanks to Loubie Rusch from Making Kos for all her support, Ladles of Love for flying Mokgadi Itsweng to Cape Town, and PEDI for sourcing the veggies from the farmers and for all the media exposure that we received! 

Farmer Festival & Agri-Expo

Our farmer festival held in April 2022 was an opportunity for micro-farmers to learn and engage around urban farming.  We hosted over 1200 visitors, with 23 exhibitions and 5 master classes.   The event was driving by the local community, supporting 10 local businesses and 14 community based vendors.  The event created 52 local jobs while 36 local taxis were hired to bring visitors to the event. 

Many thanks to all the kind donors who helped this event to be a great success!